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An improved marketing strategy

Promote about your business with direct marketing. Harris Marketing, Inc. will help you find new customers by placing your company's information in front of other companies and consumers. We offer data files for electronic distribution and mail-out services to target your areas of interest.

The list is just the first step in sales prospecting.  It sets the direction of your additional marketing investments, such as: contacting prospects, specifying and following-up on quotes, and finally closing sales.  At Harris Marketing, Inc. we take list design very seriously because we understand that the list affects the destiny of your company, the jobs of your employees, as well as your company's contribution to our economy.

So, whether you call today - or some time in the future - keep Harris Marketing, Inc in mind when you are ready to look for new customers with a mass email or direct mailing.  Contact: 317-251-9729 & hmdataindy@msn.com


QUIT WANDERING THE web & use targeted lists  

Why practice trial and error to put together a sales prospecting file when Harris Marketing, Inc. will guide you through a thoughtful, step-by-step process of decision making to provide targeted leads.  We consider the objectives of each sales campaign and use quantitative strategies to accomplish those objectives. We offer consumer marketing, B2B marketing, international and cause marketing.

Business marketers and executives who understand how to use the codes, symbols, and syntax with databases will be equipped to manage and capitalize on market opportunities in the Information Age. Expertise in how to get mailing lists addresses via an organized database enables marketers to select and benefit from data.

With systematic utilization of electronic files for direct marketing production or mass email distribution, digital marketing - more than ever - delivers your message to more, faster and with more precision.


Along with increasingly complex, international corporate structures, businesses are expanding global reach. With targeted email files, Harris Marketing, Inc. can help take your business to new purchasing channels in other parts of the world.  Contact: 317-251-9729 & hmdataindy@msn.com

Helping You Succeed

At Harris Marketing, Inc. we are dedicated to helping your businesses or organization benefit from new information technologies by using new ways of thinking. Whether it's a consumer or business list, we have the experience and knowledge to make a difference for your business.

Using proprietary methods of analysis and current marketing information technology, we identify your target market to promote your product, service, or idea. Our process determines the best list for supporting your sales campaign and marketing objectives within your budget. With these techniques, we help you direct your sales efforts to those most likely to buy.

Keep in mind that making multiple contacts, especially contacts to the same targeted list of prospects, will support your company's branding and market awareness and support the sales cycle along.  For all this sales prospecting investment, make sure you've got the right target list.

You can always buy another list, but if time is wasted on a nonproductive part of the marketplace, you can never recover lost opportunity.  That's why working with a pro such as Harris Marketing, Inc. saves you from wasted time.

If you are looking for sales results by getting the right list, contact: 317-251-9729 & hmdataindy@msn.com



What's measured can be analyzed and processes can be adjusted for improved performance.

When your list is constructed, analytic data can be appended within the file.  Then, after each phase of  outbound marketing, your marketing team, or Harris Marketing, Inc. can analyze your results.