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Consumer Sales - Residential Home Addresses - Mail & Email

Consumer lists have the name of the head of household, address, state, county, and zip code, and can have demographic data appended, such as: household income, age, and other demographic characteristics.  Selection can be made by geography, and other demographic characteristics, such as: household income, age, and other household characteristics.  These targeted leads enable you to market to a person by name at a home address.

Not all households are the same.  Some have demographic characteristics that more closely match the profile of those who use and have the potential to buy your products or services.

For your sales prospecting, with a Harris Marketing, Inc. designed list with targeted leads, you'll begin communicating with those who have the highest potential for sales and are most likely to buy.

Just like no two households are the same, in the thousands of lists that Harris Marketing, Inc. has specified over the years, there have never been two lists that were the same.  There is no list we can go "grab" for you, but rather, we will design your list with consideration for each data element.  This is why it's so important to work with a list specialist who will think through and select the best match for your business success. 

When you work with Harris Marketing, Inc., you'll be getting access to a direct marketing list that identifies the consumers who are worth your time and money to present your offer.

For phone campaigns, get a well-designed list so you focus your efforts on high potential prospects; and avoid bothering people who are not appropriate prospects.  One of the nice aspects of consumer lists is that you can make calls during evening hours and potentially reach a person; however, with "No Call Lists" and restrictions, it's more difficult to get full coverage on consumer phone numbers for list orders. 

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List Output

Because list data file output is transmitted via the internet, once you complete your order, confirm the Email address where the data should be sent.

Binary Globe

MAP - Example: Indianapolis/Marion County, IN


We'll customize your list selection using the following targeted criteria: 
Household Income
Other - Demographics

Data output

Select the amount of information that's right for you.
We supply:

Contact Name, Address, plus Phone Number, plus Demographic Data, plus Email.